About Your Virtual Assistant


Hi! I’m Shantel, a stay at home mom of one boy and another on the way. I have always worked in customer service and administrative positions but decided to work from home as it was easier for my husband and me.

I love being a virtual assistant! I have always been a very detail oriented person and love to work with computers. Why not run my own business from a computer, right? I have a very inquisitive mind so if you’re in an industry that I’m not familiar with, that won’t intimidate me. I want to learn and grow with you!

I previously took part in a direct selling company which I primarily sold through social media. That being said, I know my way around marketing on Facebook and Instagram. I’m currently learning how to market on Pinterest using my own personal reselling business. Look forward to hiring me as your Pinterest VA sometime soon!

Follow my blog posts to learn how to market your product or service, how you can use ME to help you grow your business, and other blurbs now and then. I look forward to connecting with you!