Balancing Work and Life

Building a business and taking care of mommy or daddy duty is never easy. But here’s a few tips to help balance your business building dreams and changing diapers or packing lunches!

1. First off. DROP. THE. GUILT. When you start working from home, you assume that you will get so much more time with your child. While that may be partly true, it’s not what you think. You do have a business to run. Work it like a hobby and it will pay like a hobby. Your kids will understand eventually. You’re the adult and know the responsibilities you need to handle.

2. Create family activities. This will help immensely with that guilty feeling. Carve out chunks of time to be with your family. No electronics. No emails. No phone calls. Be completely in the moment with them. Your partner and children will notice and be thankful!

3. Get organized the night before. I know. How do those mom’s do it? But. The extra time you spend after baby is asleep packing lunches, writing out a plan for tomorrow, picking out clothes and outfits, etc. will save you so much time the next day. It’s all a matter of actually getting up and doing it!

4. Calenders! These babies will make your life so much easier. Not even exaggerating. I have a monthly wall calender which lists bills due as well as family events. I also keep a weekly planner which I use to plan posts, lists goals, make a plan for every thing I possibly can. Once you realize how awesome planning and goal setting is, the easier life is. Face it. We all feel overwhelmed with to do lists everyday. Assign those tasks a “due date” and knock it out!

5. Now work! Set scheduled time to work your business. Does baby take a nap at a set time everyday? Run with that time! Plan what you’re going to accomplish before you start your scheduled time block. Go in with a plan and get things done! Are you taking your kid to the playground? Answer emails then. Apply for a few gigs while he runs. Before he wakes up in the morning and after he goes to bed at night are my most productive times. Even if I have to wake up at the crack of dawn and stay up till the wee hours of the morning.

I write this entry as my son takes a nap. It’s that simple! I have heard so many mom’s struggle with trying for their dreams and putting food on the table, but it CAN be done! Stop talking yourself out of it and realize that each step you take, no matter how small you feel it is, is a step in the right direction. Show your children that they really can make their own dreams come true instead of just telling them they can. Actions speak louder than words.

What are some things you do to run your business from home while the kids run you crazy? Lol! Share some tips below!


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