Working With A Virtual Assistant

A question I’ve received lately is “Okay, I’m down with hiring you. I need the help! So, what next?” It’s super simple! I know this is new to a lot of businesses. We’re used to having someone in the office that we can run and talk to about what we need them to do. It’s practically the same with Virtual Assistants.

I allow you one hour of email correspondence a month. This makes it easier for both you and me. At the beginning of the month, I can expect that you will lay out what you want from me throughout the month, week to week, and you can rest easy knowing that I will accomplish the tasks set before me. If I allowed more than that one-hour correspondence, we’d both become overwhelmed with e-mail and random to-do lists which will cut down on our efficiency. So I’ve found it best to set a standard at the beginning of the month.

The Basic Package includes email management and customer service. For this package, all I need is the password to the email account you need me to work on and through. Also, the policies for your company, i.e. refund policies, handling complaints, etc. I have extensive training in customer service so there’s no need to train me, but it is best that I know how you would like your business handled.

  • I would also require that you would allow me access to your blog or social media, whichever you regularly correspond with your customers. This will allow me to mediate member group requests and also respond quickly to customer questions and concerns.

The Premium Package includes all that is described above as well as social media/blog management, presentation services, and administrative support. These are all expansions on the aforementioned services.

  • Social media/blog management consists of updating posts/entries, monitoring reviews, updating links, reporting trends about hot topics, updating plugins – basically everything to run your blog or social media except producing the content for entries or posts.
  • Presentation services include producing drafts for powerpoint presentations, proofread and/or editing documents before you finalize them, uploading and sharing videos, etc. Anything that requires you to go before your audience and present your information, I will help with!
  • Administrative support is basically an expansion on email management. In addition to that, I will also complete monotonous tasks such as data entry, transcription, monitoring your voicemail, schedule and set appointments, and generate forms. Think of this portion as an in-house assistant doing everything virtually!

Hopefully, this explains in detail what you would be receiving in the packages I have generated. I’d love to speak with you in depth about the services I could offer that pertain directly to your business. Remember that these services can be charged a la carte! Contact me today for your free consultation!


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