5 Steps To Drive Traffic To Your Site

So, you’ve started a blog or launched the site for your product…now what? Here are five simple steps to get traffic to your site and drive up revenue and word of your product or service!

Social Media. First and foremost, let’s talk about the most well-known way to get traffic to your site. Everyone has a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or an Instagram. Spread the word to those people!

Twitter: This platform is best for short links. As you know, there’s a limit of characters and you don’t want your prospects or readers to have to follow a storyline just to get to your site. Short and sweet is key here. Links are the best driver.

Google +: This is geared more toward B2B (business to business) companies. If you have a product that would help other businesses solve a problem, start to network here.

Pinterest and Instagram: These sites are both highly image-driven. Needless to say, make sure your posts, or pins, are attention grabbing and quickly define what your post or product is about. Read about how I’m studying to use Pinterest on my personal blog and site!

SEO: Search Engine Optimization. This should be in the forefront of any web-based product or service. You want your site to be one of the top-ranked in Google, right? Some help here:

Add Internal Links: If you’re a blog, entice your readers to stay for a while and read some different content on your site. Keep that traffic around by utilizing the sidebar as a link to your past blogs. What you don’t want is your reader to read and quickly leave.

Make images easily pinnable: When the reader can hover over an image you have on your site and easily pin directly from your site, you’re automatically allowing the reader to spread the word. When they pin your content on one of their boards, it is shared with their followers. Thus, more eyes are landing on your content! (Remember to make sure your images are attention grabbing and immediately detail the content).

Long Tail Keywords. The worst thing you can do for your blog or site is to only use one single keyword. When a reader is looking for content on say, bicycles, they aren’t only searching the keyword “bicycle.” Make sure your blog post or site has different variations of that keyword. For example, “tricycle,” “bicycle bell,” or “bicycle gear.” All those words could lead them directly to you!

Is your site responsive? Everyone. Literally, everyone is surfing the web from their phone nowadays. So, why wouldn’t you take this step? Most blog platforms are already optimized for mobile performance, but if you’re building a site from the ground up, ensure that your viewers can read and click through your site with their phone. Are the images cluttered together? How easy is it to read? Would you want to stay on your site if you only had a phone to access it?

Build a community! Become an actual person. People want to buy from other people. Don’t just be a blog or a product. Invite people to comment on your posts, utilize polls, invite others to guest post. Quickly respond to comments on your blog and become personable with your viewers.

Stay active on social media. Of course, you want to share your content on your social media platforms, but share other content, related to your niche, also. Tag them and allow their readers to see YOUR face. Start conversations related to your content, but not only about YOUR content. Show others that you are really passionate in what you’re offering and it’s not just about views or money.

Create a Facebook group. Connect with people that are interested in your product or service. They want to know you’re real and they want to meet others that have similar interests. Remember to stay active and don’t only post links every day, but share ideas and opinions about your niche.

I hope those five steps helped you get an idea of different ways you can really harness the power of the internet and networking. I’d love to hear some different ideas from you! What are some ways you’ve driven traffic to your site? Get creative!


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