Becoming A Pinterest VA

I’m so excited that you decided to visit my Virtual Assistant page! I can’t wait to show you what’s in the works right now for my personal business and soon available to you!

I’ve recently completed a course on how to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it is a social media platform that lets users search for products, services, and other information through images. It’s a brilliant idea because graphics and images are the easiest way to tell the reader that they’ve found what they are looking for!

Pinterest has been growing steadily since it’s launch in 2010. The site already has over 150 million users! Why are you limiting yourself to only Facebook and/or Twitter? And did you know that 87% of those users have purchased something because they came across it on Pinterest and 93% plan to do the same thing? Of those “pinners,” the demographics spread across the board. However, the site is most popular among Millenials, which make up 36% of its users. According to the University of MA, Millenial pinners prefer this social media platform over any other one when shopping or making a purchase.

Seeing these numbers should wake you up a bit. I know Facebook and Twitter are popular, but why not be one of the first brands to really use Pinterest to market your blog or site and drive up traffic, thus increasing revenue? I’m not waiting on this platform to become so popular that I’m left in the dust. So, I’m starting to use Pinterest on my own brand.

I own a boutique on a popular reselling app, Poshmark. I’ve posted screen shots of my starting point below so that you can come on this journey with me. I have made zero sales and have a very low amount of followers. I know Pinterest is going to help me expand that and increase my revenue and traffic to my Poshmark store. I can’t wait to share the methods and final results from my own case study so that you can trust me with building YOUR business on Pinterest, too!

The Beginning.

*Pinterest Stats borrowed fromĀ HootSuite.


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