What Is A Virtual Assistant?

Have you heard of Virtual Assistants? Think of it as an administrative assistant who actually works in the office with you, but I’m just an e-mail away instead of a walk. I’m also able to handle administrative tasks such as data entry, scheduling, setting appointment – basically anything that would take up extra time and take away from what your focus should be on!

I am able to handle your social media by responding to comments, handling negative (or positive!) reviews, post on multiple platforms to spread the word and expand your network.

Email Management is also something I have been expertly trained in as it absolutely drives me nuts to have an overflowing inbox. I will be able to respond, compose, and delete emails. I’m basically your personal email organizer and handler

Lastly, but definitely not least, I’m a PRO at Customer Service! Anytime a customer needs something, I’m the one who can handle those for you. Most of the time, this can be resolved in a quick and efficient manner. Why waste time replying to the same questions or concerns over and over? I can do that for you!

These are just SOME of the areas I focus on, however, I am open to doing more depending on your business needs.

All in all, I’m here to help you. Whatever your needs are, I want to make sure that your focus is where it needs to be in order for your business to grow.


I can’t wait to work with you and help you increase your blog or site traffic thus increasing your revenue! Contact me today! Don’t wait!



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